Monday, October 8, 2012

CYG - Day 8 - Jewelry

Today’s subject is jewelry in memory of our loved ones gone to soon.  I’m sharing the necklace that a sweet friend made for me after we lost Caroline.  I’m also sharing my heart earrings.  They were an anniversary gift from Arthur before we had Caroline.  I happened to have them on when we went to the hospital that terrible night.  I’m thankful that I had them on now, because they’re special to me and they were part of my time with Caroline.  Now I wear them on any special occasion.  I wore them when I gave birth to Addalee, and plan to when this precious little girl (hopefully and prayerfully) gets here too.


  1. Oh so beautiful!! How I just love to see anything with that sweet name on it! xoxoxo

  2. SO beautiful, I love all your post on this project!