Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Known Love

I ran across this picture on Facebook today and it angered me.

I'm almost certain that whomever created this little image had nothing but good intentions, but it made me wanna puke and punch something. To imply that you don't know love because you haven't mothered a living child, well that's just plain rude and ignorant. 

I'll venture to say that until you've heard a doctor confirm your worst fears, dealt with the reality that your beautiful baby is not ever going to grow into the person you had so many dreams for, made funeral arrangements, kissed your baby (no matter the age) for the very last time and said goodbye, you've not known pain. Sure, life can throw terrible things in our paths. But I've heard so many people tell me that the pain of losing a child is some of the worst there is. 

So because I didn't get to read to her little ears, powder her little booty, and wipe away her little tears, I know a different, but fiercely deep love. The love of a brokenhearted mama; but definitely love. I knew it then. And I know it still when I care for her sisters here.