Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CYG - Day 24 - Siblings

Day 24 is a picture of Caroline's siblings.  I'm so incredibly thankful that I have siblings to post pictures of.  I remember when we lost Caroline, I felt like we'd never have any other children.  It had taken us so long to get pregnant with her, I couldn't imagine starting that journey over again.  And honestly, I wasn't sure that I wanted to.  I mean, I knew I wanted to have kids, but the grief stole much of my desire to even keep breathing.  It seemed too daunting, too scary, just too hard.  Thankfully, God had other plans and we conceived Addalee just about 6 weeks after Caroline was born.  Wow.  My poor body was a mess, and that pregnancy was quite difficult.  I wasn't really in great health, and back to back pregnancies are tough for even the most fit of ladies.  Our girl, Addalee, was born at 36 weeks because of some complications.  After having an anterior placenta and not feeling much movement some days (FREAKED ME OUT), and gestational diabetes, her growth was slowing and the doctor knew that her cord was around her neck.  He decided it was time, and she was here less than 12 hours after induction started.  Weighing all of 5lbs5oz, she's been a blessing each and every day since we found out we were expecting her.  She's a good baby, happy, joyful, silly, playful, sweet.  

We found out in June that we were expecting again.  Wow, what a miracle!  This pregnancy has been much easier for me.  The grief and fear are still there, though not as much in the forefront as they were with Addalee.  I still panic, but it's not the same...yet anyway.  The further along I get, the more I fear.  It's not that "smooth sailing after 12 weeks" kind of pregnancy I had with Caroline, that's for sure! We've found out that it's another girl! Yay! I have an anterior placenta AGAIN, wouldn't cha know?!  So the movement is a concern for me.  I'm 22 weeks now and feeling pretty good.  This little girl doesn't have a name just yet, hoping to come up with something soon.  We're taking it one day at a time and prayerfully excited to welcome this little girl into our open hearts and arms in February.


  1. Yay for siblings!! I always say that Griffin will never replace Caroline but that God sends new babies as the BEST distraction from grief ever. My heart was able to grieve/heal while being simultaneously filled with love and joy. My prayers are always filled with the ladies in our community who are trying to have another baby but haven't yet. I just know that if they could have another it would help their hearts soo much!

    Lots of love today xoxox

  2. I've been meaning to ask if a second rainbow pregnancy is any less stressful and fearful. 3 girls, how special!

  3. SO glad you conceived easily after it was so difficult with Caroline. I have always conceived pretty easily and now I am having troubles it is so hard to wait after the heartbreaking loss of a baby. So glad you are doing better this time around, your girls are so beautiful:)