Caroline's Story Part 1

I decided that I thought it would be a good thing if I went ahead and told my whole story.  Maybe sharing this will help me; maybe it will help someone else who is questioning God’s involvement in such a tough world.  If nothing else, maybe someone will learn that they are truly not alone.

I had a text book pregnancy, aches and pains where there should be aches and pains, swelling where there should be swelling, “some” weight gain ;), flutters, excitement, elation, nervousness.

My due date was October 25, 2010.  The doctor gave us the option to induce earlier if we wanted to.  He said that some good dates to choose from would be Monday the 18th, which was Arthur’s birthday, Tuesday the 19th, and Thursday the 21st.  Arthur and I decided to opt for the day closest to our actual due date to give our sweet girl time to decide to come on her own. 

Once we made it to 36 weeks, Arthur called her “legal.”  He would say things like, “She’s legal now, tell her just to come on out.”  And each night as we prayed together, we’d pray that she’d be brought to us in God’s time, in God’s way, and that we’d be able to use this precious baby to glorify God for the gift He gave us. 

I began attending my weekly OB-GYN appointments, and got good check-ups at each one.  My blood pressure was perfect; her little heartbeat was perfect and strong.  She kicked and moved and LIVED inside my womb.  They would check me each week for changes, and I would only have a little bit more cervical thinning, nothing more.  I tried to have patience for her to get here in God’s time, but I just couldn’t wait to have my sweet girl in my arms.  I finally resolved to know that we’d be waiting for induction day.  At my weekly appointment on October 13th, the doctor told me that because of my anatomy, there was a 50/50 chance that I’d have to have a C-Section.  I was disappointed, but had peace that God had me and this baby’s delivery in His hands.  Arthur and I continued to pray that God would handle this delivery in His perfect will.  We decided to discuss all of our options with our doctor the day before our induction at our next weekly appointment.