Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CYG - Day 14 - Community

Day 14 is community.  Back before Caroline passed away, I had no idea losses happened as frequently as they do.  I truly didn't know that stillbirth happened at the end of otherwise picture perfect and healthy pregnancies.  I kind of thought that things like that were all but squelched by modern medicine, etc.  

That being said, I had no idea of the sheer amount of people out there who were broken-heartered, just like us.  I was blessed to be able to meet several amazing women and families with stories not unlike my own.  Many of the new friends I've been blessed with are online, through groups and blogs.  But I've also been blessed with a small little group that meets at the hospital where I delivered the girls, once a month.  I'm actually helping run the group now, and I'm so happy about that.  It feels good to know that I could be there for someone who is hurting.

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  1. Isn't this community just such a God send! That's so awesome that you're running that group. I'm pretty sure that the hospital where we had Caroline at doesn't have anything like that. Heck even the nurses and doctors seemed unsure of themselves when it came to grief support. Kudos to awesome Momma's like yourself that help others through such a rough time!

    Lots of love to you! xoxox