Thursday, October 4, 2012

CYG - Day 4

Day 4 is a picture of my most treasured item.  The truth is that I can’t pick just one.  I have chosen to share a few of special things.  The monogrammed box is actually meant to be a toy box, but we use it to store special things that remind us of our girl.  In there, we have cards and little things that people sent, her baby book, a teddy bear given to us at the hospital, etc.

The little blue/green box is what they sent home with us from the hospital.  On top is the flower that they hung on our door to signify the sadness inside. It contains a lock of her hair (probably one of the most precious things we have), her hand and footprints, a disc of pictures, a beaded bracelet that the nurses made with her name on it, her hospital bracelet, and a card from the nurses and staff that took care of us.

Finally, there’s the purple blanket.  It was handmade by a co-worker of my mom.  She had the forethought to bring it with her to the hospital that sad night, and it’s been a blessing that we had it.  It held our sweet girl while we held her.  And I cherish it.  We actually took it to the hospital and swaddled Addalee in it after she was born.  We plan to with each baby.

So these are my treasures.  They’re precious to me and I’m incredibly thankful to have them…at least they’re tangible.


  1. I really like this series. We have the same blue-green satin box from our hospital. It's stuffed full of mementos from our twins. It will be one of the things I must grab if our house is ever on fire.

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