Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Request

I’m requesting a little prayer and all the pleasant thoughts you can muster.  My sweet grandmother was admitted to the hospital late Monday night.  We were all at my parents’ house for a visit and she had been having a lot of hip/leg pain.  It finally just got to be too much for her to bear and we called the ambulance.  She was taken to the hospital and it was found that she had a broken femur.  The worst part is that she didn’t fall and break it.  It broke on its own.  This is bothersome because it actually has been discovered that it broke at a tumor.  So, not only has she had to endure the surgery to repair a broken femur (placed rod and screws), but the potential for a cancer diagnosis. 

It’s just hard to see someone you love suffer.  She’s a trooper though and is remaining in high spirits.

More updates as they come available.

Thanks everyone!