Thursday, May 24, 2012


I opened my email today and saw this:

It’s the very essence of the happy/sad balance of missing Caroline and loving the life we have with Addalee.  I have tried everything to stop the emails, notifications, coupons, etc. for Caroline.  For some reason, it just won’t stop.  (Similac also thinks that I’m 22 weeks pregnant right now.  Weird.)  So, each month, I get another set of emails.  One for the sweet girl we have in heaven and one for the sweet girl in our arms.  Bittersweet. 


  1. Yup - the essence of the happy/sad balance. I remember getting coupons from Babies R Us for my "One Year Old's Birthday" - :( and then this year I'm getting emails about my One Year Old's birthday and am so thankful I have that almost one year old.

  2. I received a paper crown for Jack's one year birthday. A crown for "our little prince". Yup, that incited a fury of tears for the little prince who never got to wear the crown. Painful memories indeed. Bittersweet indeed.

  3. Oh that is hard. I get emails every week telling me where Jonathan would be at uuugggg I really need to stop those. I love the word Bittersweet because any memory we have of our baby's carry's both emotions. (HUGS)