Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!


Just wanted to add that this year was incredibly different from last year.  Last Easter hit me harder than I expected.  This Easter was better, but still sad and heavy at times.  I didn't delve into the feelings, but shared some happy pictures below.  I understand if many of you aren't in a place where you want to see these pictures, so I get it if you "ignore" this post.

Lots of love to everyone,

End edit

This week’s update is going to be pretty quick because it’s been super duper busy around here!  Easter was really good.  Fun times spent with family and loved ones.

Addalee got to go on her very first Easter egg hunt. 

She got to spend some time with her friends. 

She got to stick her feet in the lake for the first time! 

 She got to celebrate her Granddaddy’s birthday. 

The Easter Bunny paid her a visit. 

Happy Easter from us to you!


  1. She looks precious! And I LOVE your dress. You all look so great.