Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

When you were in school, did you have kids in your class that called it “Valentimes Day?”  I always did, and it aggravated me to no end!  I don’t know why I shared, but I feel better! :)

I’m thankful that this Valentine’s Day, we have a healthy girl here to share it with us.  Last year, it was tinged with sadness because our arms were still so painfully empty.  This year, we’re still very much missing our Caroline girl, but we’re loving every second with her little sister.

Their Daddy is a really sweet guy, he bought Addalee her own flowers!  She was super interested…mostly in getting them into her mouth!

He got me some too!

Happy “Valentimes Day”!!!


  1. I hear adults say Valentimes day too:-) Addalee is so precious!!!!! What a pretty lil girl! Thinking of you and Caroline on Vday!!!

  2. haha YES, ValentiMe's Day annoys me too! Gosh Addie is so cute! SO glad this Valentine's day isn't as hard as last year although I know that Caroline is still missing from it and I hate that for you. So far this is the second one with no baby for us...I'm hoping Easter will be the very last holiday we ever celebrate without a living child. Addie just makes me smile because I know she brings so much into your life, such a good little sister she is!