Thursday, August 22, 2013

Addalee Turns 2

2 years ago on this day, our hearts were filled with such hope and our tummies with lots of butterflies. After a very difficult 36 weeks of pregnancy (emotionally and physically), we were being induced on a hot and sunny Monday morning. We couldn't wait to meet this girl we'd fallen for head over heels and prayed for so diligently. At 8:34 pm, with a tiny little cry, she was here. She was teeny tiny and perfect at 5lbs 5oz and 19.5 inches long (much smaller than her big sister Caroline at 6lbs 11oz and 21 inches long). 

Just Born Addalee

"Are you my Momma?"

Sweet little thing

She was like a soothing balm to our broken hearts. She has brought a healing into our lives that we are thankful for each day. It has never been her job to fix our brokenness of missing Caroline. We will always miss her. But we are thrilled to experience the joy Caroline's little sister brings into our lives.

1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Happy, happy birthday my dear sweet girl. You're a joy. Your laughter is music to our ears. Your smiles melt us. We love you to the moon and back!!

Goodness, she's changed so much! 


  1. wow has she. from cute to cute, cute, cute. What a doll. so glad you have her

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl!


  3. I know I'm watching my own 18-month old change before my eyes, but it still doesn't seize to amaze me just how much these babies change in such a short time.

  4. She's so beautiful, Nicole. I'm so glad you and Arthur have her in your lives.

  5. She is just such a little beautiful thing. I'm so glad she's been here two years. Just wish we could see all three together. Forever.
    xox Caroline's little sister. <3

  6. Your sweet little angel has grown so much. It's really amazing to see our children evolved; how everything has changed from day 1. Time runs so fast. She's growing beautifully. Best regards to your family. Best regards from an Ultrasound Technician