Saturday, July 13, 2013

Diaper Genie

We sold our Diaper Genie today. Actually, we sold the Diaper Genie and our wipe warmer. Big deal, right? Well yeah, kinda. Not because I'm a hoarder and actually got rid of something (technically, I'm only marginally a hoarder), but because of when they came into our lives and what they represent.

Both items were shower gifts at showers thrown for Caroline. Our lives were on track and things were falling into place. Simpler. Naive. Innocent. They were set up and waiting for her, just like us. And they were left sitting in her finished nursery after we lost her.

They sat in that little pink and yellow room waiting for a baby to come use them, and finally it happened, thank God. Twice now. But we've moved on from them. They haven't been used much in ages, so it was time for them to move out and make a little space. We may not have any more babies. Besides, someone else can use them, right?

As the lady who bought them drove away, I cried. Not because we got rid of a Diaper Genie and wipe warmer. I cried because we got rid of something we'd gotten for her. I cried because we let go of something for babies. I cried because we let go. We never let go of Caroline, bit it's still hard for me to let go of the things we had for her. 

I hope they have lots of use ahead of them in a busy, loving home, filled with lots of babies and love. No more sitting and waiting...


  1. Yes. The representation of what those meant. The joy and excitement and all for Caroline (well, at the time...surely her siblings would get the hand-me-downs).

    I'd probably cry, too. :/

    p.s. I have a diaper genie I've never used. Part because I don't know I need it and part because it was for Andrew and it sort of hurts too much.

  2. I cried when we sold Georgie's carseat. I know exactly what you mean.

  3. I understand. I'm thankful that our Caroline was lost earlier and that we only had like one thing. Hope you're all having great weekend friend!


  4. Totally get this. And I'm sure I'll respond the same when the day comes. I'm sure it's hard for "normal" parents to slowly phase out or get rid of baby things, but so, SO much harder when they were originally meant for a baby who never got to use them.

  5. <3 We've never really gotten rid of anything of Jack's because most of it was reused for Grace. But I know if we keep popping out girls there will come a time when we no longer need some of those boy things I carefully procured for him. It's too much for my heart to consider right now. :/

  6. My son died from SIDS in 2010. He was 7 weeks old. I had bought him one of those really nice cushions for the changing table and had put a soft cover on it. I didn't use it for my daughter after him because she didn't have a changing table. Last year I had a yard sale. I sold the changing table pad with the cover on it. It was hard because he had actually used that pad. A woman carried it around and as she was paying for it she told me that she was going to use it for her dog's bed. I cried and cried. I mean it-I cried right there in front of her. When I explained why she was taken aback and then said that her daughter was having a baby and she would give it to her. She might have been lying. I prefer to think she was not.


  7. Dear Nicole,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Life seems to be all encompassing right now between taking care of my house and children and taking care of our unborn baby. I'm slow to respond but very grateful for your hand of friendship.