Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy "2 Old" Art Birthday Party, Addalee!

You guys.  My middle baby is 2...what?!  How has this happened?  Seems like just days ago we were bringing her home from the hospital and watching her learn to roll over, eat solids, talk, walk, etc.  Now we're moving into the territory of potty training and drinking from "people cups" (i.e. non-sippy cups).

For her party, we decided on an art/coloring/painting party. 

It came together pretty easily, really.  I was fortunate to hit a back to school tax free holiday to buy a lot of the supplies too, score! 

We had the kids color and paint on the back porch.  I stumbled upon this colorable table cloth (it was actually the LAST thing I found for the party!), and knew it was perfect. We also had huge coloring pads, but they didn't even care about them with the tablecloth!

Abigail got in on the fun too! (Even though she only wanted to eat the crayons)

I made this "necklace" shirt for the birthday girl!

After coloring, we ate fruit, veggies, and most importantly cupcakes!

The cupcakes were iced in white buttercream with candy sprinkles and crayons as toppers

After eating, we went outside again to play in the water!  We had water tables, a splash pad thingy, and a little pool.  We also played with sidewalk chalk, messy outdoor bubbles, and finger (or toe!) paints!

Then it was back inside to finish up.

Then just like that, it was time for goodbyes and favors.

The favors were a little note pad, a pack of washable crayons, a hand shaped clapper noise maker thingy, some jelly bracelets, stickers, party blower, and KitKat.  They sat next to a beautiful framed piece of Addalee's art work. :)

And so another birthday party is in the books.  It sure was a good time!


  1. How fun and what a cute idea! It's just too perfect! Lots of love to all your sweet girls!


  2. Adorable. I especially love the little hug at the end. Real people cups? I was wondering when that starts. B sure as heck isn't ready. :)

    Lovely ideas and a lovely rainbow babe.

  3. I love this. I love this so much.

    I love Addalee giving the hug- soooooo lovely! xox