Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sip & See

We are blessed to have people who wanted to do something for us in baby shower form before Addalee was born.  We’re even more blessed (in my opinion) to have so many wonderful people understand why we weren’t comfortable with that.  So, my sweet friends suggested we have a Sip & See.

I’d never really seen one, but understood the concept, and I was thrilled!  So, we showed up, and I was blown away.  It was all so pretty!  Everything was awesome!  The food was great and the friends were amazing! 

There was a special little moment too – while sitting at a table and chatting, I looked around and we were pretty much all moms who were missing a baby.  We talked a little about our kids that weren’t with us, shared some tears, and lots of love and support.  What a special gift!  I was so happy to be able to bring Caroline so much into this event that was centered on Addalee.

Simply blessed.

*The Sip&See actually happened at the end of January, and somehow I haven't gotten this posted until now.* 


  1. So beautiful! You have a wonderful group of friends! We didn't have a shower either before Griffin. Heck we didn't even get a room ready for him :(. I haven't been reading you blog very long (but I'm so glad that I am now!), how much did you prepare for A after having your Caroline?


  2. That looks so nice! I love that Caroline was very much apart of her little sister's day. Glad you were able to do this!

  3. Nicole, how wonderful. What an honor that they included Caroline. That would have just made me happy.

  4. I love the nod to Caroline at the Sip 'n' See. :) We're going to be doing something similar at my mother's insistence, once Grace arrives. :)

  5. So sweet I love it I was here last night reading I don't think I left a comment, I am in grief journeys. Your event was beautiful so glad you have love and support!