Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2011

A year ago we learned how to really hope again.  Our hearts were still oh so heavy missing our sweet Caroline, and finding sunshine in that darkness was simply a miracle.  We went to the doctor’s office on that icy morning to have a blood pregnancy test.  The results: positive!  We were pregnant again!  We couldn’t believe it.  At that point, we embarked on the scariest 36 weeks of our lives.  Gosh, looking back on it, I don’t know how we survived!  There was a lot of prayer, and thankfully, many many blessings.

My pregnancy with Caroline’s sweet little sister was night and day different than my pregnancy with her.  Everything was different, from the way I carried them, to the morning sickness, to getting gestational diabetes the second time (yuck), to having weekly and twice weekly appointments, a zillion ultrasounds and NSTs, and steroid shots.  I can’t believe how much our lives have changed over this last year (or 2 years, really).

It’s hard to imagine not knowing this little girl.  She’s truly a blessing sent straight from God.


  1. Ok, this brought a tear to my eye! She is so precious!!!

  2. what a lovely little rainbow! And truly a precious gift from 2011. :)