Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Stuff to Keep Me Busy!

So, time keeps on ticking (ticking, ticking...) and I'm still here!  Everything is actually going very well.  The anxiety is staying mostly in check.  I've only had a couple of rough patches/days.  We're making progress, and I'm thrilled about that.  I'm a little nervous, because we are getting to the end of this pregnancy, and I know that the end of pregnancy doesn't always mean you get a beautiful little baby to take home.  I don't want to sound morbid, because I do believe we are going to get to bring Caroline's little sister home, but it is still so scary that we're this close again.

So, one thing I try to do, as I've mentioned before, is keep myself occupied.  I love to make things.  So, I've been taking on some new projects here and there.  I've also been cleaning my house like a fool!  I don't know if this is nesting, or what, but I'm proud of how clean I've gotten it!  Now, if it would just STAY that way!

I have a sweet friend who just had a little boy.  I made her this diaper clutch, burp cloth, and pacifier clips.  I haven't gotten to give them to her yet, but I can't wait! 

This is a little burp cloth and pacifier clip set that I just made while I was working on the others.  I thought they were fun!

This is the wreath I made for my Granny for her birthday!  I hope she likes it! :)


  1. Such beautiful things you made!! Very creative!!

    It sure sounds like you are nesting!! My house was never as clean/organzied as it was near the end of my pregnancy.

  2. you are so stinkin' talented! Glad you are keeping busy - it will definitely help these last few weeks! Hang in there girl - you're almost there

  3. It is getting so close! I am so looking forward to reading about little Addie getting here all safe and sound. You are so crafty! I love when you post your projects for us to see.

  4. Adorable! You are so crafty it blows my mind. Just keep on truckin and know we are all saying lots of prayers for you!

  5. Cute, cute, cute!! I love all of your little projects! I am glad that you are staying busy, I agree, that it definitely helps to pass the time. Slowly but surely, we are getting there!