Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Cooper and Family Update

Baby Cooper was born this morning. His mama began the induction process on Sunday morning, and it was a long and difficult process. His family held him and loved him, and have started down the long path of grieving their sweet little boy.

I appreciate all the support you offered when I originally shared her story. Please continue to lift them up in your thoughts and prayers.

Jessica does not blog, but I was thinking it may be nice for me to print comments and responses to this post and give them to her. Just as a way to show her that there is a whole group of wonderful ladies thinking of her and standing behind her. Because we all know that when the dust begins to settle and everyone returns to their routines, it's so easy to feel so very alone. I want her to feel surrounded by people that understand.

Thank you in advance for any words of love, sympathy, encouragement, and support you have to offer. You guys are kinda the best!!! :)


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. My hubby and I had the most beautiful little stillborn girl back in 2010. The pain has been immense. I never thought that I'd survive. Here it is three year (and another baby) later and we've made it. Some days are much worse than others and some days I can't believe that I'm actually happy again.

    Know that you're never alone in what you are going through right now. So many of us have sadly been exactly living the nightmare that you are right now. :( When you are able and ready I urge you to find a support group (either in real life or just an online blog like your friend Nicole). It will help soo much. It helped me to talk about what happened to my daughter, to meet other Mothers that understand (most real life friends have zero idea) and to vent all my anger, frustration, and sadness. I'm sending prayers your way that God gentle your pain.

    Lots of love xoxox

    (hillaryclaire@satx.rr.com if you ever need anything!)

  2. Dear Cooper's Family,

    So very sorry for your loss. Please know that Cooper will be loved and remembered and celebrated. I wish things were so very different for your family and pray that you find peace in due time.

  3. Dear Cooper,
    Please watch over your momma and daddy. They need the love right now. Send them signs to let them know you will always be with them. They love you and miss you so much. And, if you can, tell my Addie I miss her too.

    Lots of love to your family.

  4. Dear Mom and Dad,

    So sorry to hear about your son. So very sorry. Right now you probably feel like you will never survive this horrific situation, and you wish more than anything that it could have been you and not him. What can you say about a little boy so wanted and so loved from the very start? How can he not be here?

    We will be thinking about you and your beautiful boy. We are all here. We will read your posts if you write them, and comment that we agree with the unfairness of it all. We will smile at any photos of Cooper you wish to share and confirm your suspicions he was the cutest baby ever. Even when it feels like no one can possibly feel the way you feel, we are here.


    Nicole: Maybe print off this post from Angela, too? It's kinda perfect for this situation: http://angelarodman.blogspot.ca/p/for-those-who-have-lost-baby.html

  5. Dear Cooper's Mama,
    I am so sorry. I understand that however much pain it could possibly hurt, Cooper's loss hurts more than that. But you will keep trudging along and the weight in your chest will lighten. Your love for Cooper will not lessen and he will be remembered and celebrated as your son. Cooper knew only perfect love.
    Be kind to yourself. I'm sending hugs from afar. Love, Julie