Monday, November 5, 2012

Falling Behind

I still have every intention of finishing up the Capture Your Grief series, but I'm having a really hard time finding the motivation right now.  I guess I just kind of feel like I'm so far behind on everything, I'm overwhelmed.  

I'm not completely sure what has me feeling so overwhelmed, but I just feel like I can't catch up.  Things got super busy at the end of October with all the hubbub around Halloween and just plain life.  I'm hoping that this isn't a sign of things to come with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner.  Even if it is, my only option is to hold on for the ride, right?!

Halloween was bittersweet for us, as it seems to be now.  It was the first "holiday" after losing Caroline, so it holds a little special place in our hearts.  There were lots of little kiddos knocking on our door, and we were able to take Addalee around our neighborhood.  So, it was a nice night.  It's such a joy to get to see Addalee enjoy festivities.  She loves getting out and about giving smiles and waves to everyone she sees.  She's such a happy girl.  She is such a blessing.

Our little Kitty


  1. She is SO cute! I know what you mean about the no motivation thing...I just can't get there. I keep feeling like any day I will spring into action and get everything in order, but it hasn't happened! Plus you are growing a person and that is serious work plus chasing A around...you amaze me :) I'm glad October is over now if only December could hurry up and be over! Halloween will probably always sting for you and I hate that :( wishing you had both girls to trick-or-treat with this year....Caroline would have been SO much fun this year....two years olds...I can't even believe it.

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