Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family Outing

We took a family visit to our old stomping grounds this weekend.  Is that even something that’s still a saying?!  Arthur and I met when I was in college.  A friend and I went to see his band play.  I had a thing for the tall guitar player, and he didn’t care that I existed! :)  My my, how far we’ve come!

I really feel like we’ve been around the world and back since we started dating those years ago, in that cute little town.  We’ve both graduated, got married, moved to a new city, got new jobs, got pregnant with our first and very much wanted baby girl, moved back to our home city, lost that beautiful girl, were blessed with a little sister for Caroline, are expecting another sweet baby who will, Lord willing, be making his or her debut in February.  Writing it out like that makes it seem so neat and easy. Of course, there’ve been lots of lots of wonderful and beautiful memories made, and some almost impossible times survived in these 9 years.

When we began planning our trip, I didn’t think for a second that there would be a swell of emotion associated with going back.  On the way there, I fought tears for a long while.  Partly because of how far we really have come, and we’ve lived to tell about it, partly because it felt so good to be going back to a place that holds so many great memories for our little family.  But part of our family wasn’t going back to visit.  Part of our family is missing.  And that hurts.  It still stings.  It still brings tears to my eyes when I least expect it. 

Despite the sadness that is right under the surface most of the time, we had a great day.  Addalee was a bit fussy.  She’s in the process of cutting some more teeth, and that has to be uncomfortable.  But she was a trooper. 

Getting ready to explore campus.  Of course, I've got my Larry the Cucumber book!

Waving and sun squinting with Daddy!

Sun squinting with Mama!

We were much happier about the goofy family picture than Addalee was! Ha!

Can you spot the little surprise in this picture?

Pretty flowers, leaves, and dirt...oh my!

All worn out after her big day


  1. you guys are cute.

    When will you find out the gender of baby #3? Or are you waiting it out?

  2. Great photos! I always feel a little bit like that when we go back to my hometown. It was bittersweet taking Livia there, knowing that we will NEVER get to take Kayla there.

  3. Love the pictures! Love your family, all five of you!