Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bringing the Outdoors In

I’m all for nature and bugs and whatnot.  I’m just not a huge fan when outside things come inside my house.  Today, Addalee and I were playing and putting blocks and other things in a basket.  I pulled the last of the blocks out to find a lizard. 

Lizards don’t really bother me, when they’re OUTSIDE.  I mean, they’ll sometimes give me a good startle, because they move so quickly and are kind of snakey for a second until my mind catches up to them. 

When I found this one, at first I just stared at it.  I guess I was trying to decide how such a life-like plastic lizard had gotten into this toy basket.  And when did I buy that, anyway?  Wait, that’s real!?!  These thoughts were followed by a horribly and amazingly slight girly scream and a throw of the basket.  Gah!  I picked up Addalee so that she wasn’t on the floor with the "horrible creature," and she cried.  I scared her.  The stupid lizard scared me, and I screamed like a little girl and scared my kiddo.  Boo.

Once we both got calmed down, I went over to the basket to take the "beast" outside.  As I picked up the basket, it ran under the couch.  Awesome.  And I then discovered poop in the basket.  Gah-ross!  If you’re going to come into my house uninvited, at least don’t poop where the kid plays!  Come on!

So, that’s our adventure in indoor nature today.  Neither of us was a big fan.  But I think we’ll both survive!

Our adventure in picture book mode:
(photo credits in links under pictures)

 Which, sadly led to pitiful Addalee doing this.

And that made mama feel like this.
(picture of me being pretty unhappy on a camping trip a long time ago! :) )

But before long, Addalee was back to this, whew!

P.S. Hopefully, I'll have pictures of Addalee's first birthday party up soon! Yay!


  1. Ha. Too cute. And I feel you pain - I found a creepy albino looking lizard on my pillow!! It was one of the decorative pillows that was on the ground that I went to pick up when I was making the bed. Gave me a total heart attack!

  2. HILARIOUS! We just had a lizard problem too! (Stupid stupid blogger won't let me upload any photo's right now so I can't blog...) I swear sometime we are twins separated at birth :). Hope y'all have a fun and lizard-free weekend!


  3. Hahahahahahah you crack me up. If I was your neighbor I totally would have come over and rescued you from Godzilla ;) love the pictures especially of baby you!

  4. hahah this story was amazing! i love your picture timeline of events. and i also think the outside world should stay where it belongs--outside the house! p.s. did you hear about the snake that came out of someone's A/C vent in their car?! just ridiculous.